Source for original style intake-air-temp sensor?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Tue Jan 28 16:44:20 EST 2003

Does anyone know an aftermarket supplier for the
original style intake-air-temperature sensor?  It's
black plastic that the wire connectors on the harness
are soldered to.  It's markings are TW-06 and 035 905
379C.  ' probably made by Hitachi.

The dealer supercession part is a tan plastic part,
P/N 034 905 379B (also marked TW-13 and Hitachi).  It
requires two new female connectors N 903 352 07 for
the harness, and a connector housing 443 906 232 to
mate them to the sensor.  These female connectors
crimp onto the harness and slide onto the .125" male
sensor connectors like the more common 1/4" solderless

I heard from my mechanic that the engine control
system is very sensitive to this sensor, so a good
connection is very critical, hence the solder
connection from the factory.  I need to replace mine
(per the codes) so I'd rather use the assumed more
reliable soldered type than the newer type.

Anyone know where to get one before I start contacting

our usual sources?


Ukiah, CA

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