Timing Belts & Antifreeze, etc.

Hays Zeigler hzeigler at usit.net
Tue Jan 28 21:03:24 EST 2003

Usually read and don't post, but just got a '91 200TQ (Hoppen chip and a
bunch of other stuff, thanks Richard) and love it.  Had some questions and

1. Where the heck is the reference that says: "replace the 20V timing belt
at ~60K miles"?  I know from my earlier 4000Q's and 5000Q's that 60K is the
accepted Qlist interval, but in looking in the "Audi Maintenance Manual for
1991 models" (that came with the 200TQ) I can't find where it's called for,
period!  The only 60,000 mile interval I find is for the oxygen sensor.  It
does show replacing the "toothed belt"  at 96,000 miles for the Audi V-8
only.  I also couldn't find it in the Bentley for the 200Q20V.  What gives?
Obviously don't want any problems, but is 60,000 miles too conservative for
a (mostly) moderately driven 200?

2. Phosphate-free antifreeze:  Thought listers might be interested in this
wisdom on the Prestone FAQ page http://www.prestone.com/tips/page7.htm
Among other things, they comment that the warning only applies due to the
high mineral content of many european water supplies (and certainly
shouldn't apply if you're mixing with distilled water) and doesn't apply in
the US.

Under miscellany - How the heck does one remove the ashtray from a 200TQ?
The manual just says "pull out and lift".   Mine feels pretty solid when I
lift.  Is there a trick known only to listers, or am I just too chicken to
lift hard enough?

Hays Zeigler
Radford, VA
(AWD Astro/200TQ/TL1000R/VF750F)

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