Timing Belts & Antifreeze, etc.

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Tue Jan 28 22:13:03 EST 2003

In my 200 Maintenance manual, under additional service, it states to replace
timing belt at 90,000 miles, 5cyl and V8 only. I think age should be taken
in to account here also, as others have stated.
    Now a little story, my wife owned a 87 5000 turbo (automatic) and it's
timing belt went 200,000 miles, yes 200,000 before it was changed. I didn't
see it, but the mechanic said it looked pretty rough. I'd imagine!!   I
think the OEM belts have kevlar in them and are probably pretty tough, and
to be honest, I haven't heard of many (or actually any )belts breaking on
this list or the S4 list. I'm really not to worried about pushing these
belts to 80k +, as long as they are less than about 5 years old. On the
other hand, bent valves and damaged head don't sound to appealing either.
    The ash tray trick is  the inner part (kind of like a liner) that pulls
out. Don't feel bad, this one made me feel kind of dumb also.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> Usually read and don't post, but just got a '91 200TQ (Hoppen chip and a
> bunch of other stuff, thanks Richard) and love it.  Had some questions and
> comments.
> 1. Where the heck is the reference that says: "replace the 20V timing belt
> at ~60K miles"?  I know from my earlier 4000Q's and 5000Q's that 60K is
> accepted Qlist interval, but in looking in the "Audi Maintenance Manual
> 1991 models" (that came with the 200TQ) I can't find where it's called
> period!  The only 60,000 mile interval I find is for the oxygen sensor.
> does show replacing the "toothed belt"  at 96,000 miles for the Audi V-8
> only.  I also couldn't find it in the Bentley for the 200Q20V.  What
> Obviously don't want any problems, but is 60,000 miles too conservative
> a (mostly) moderately driven 200?
> 2. Phosphate-free antifreeze:  Thought listers might be interested in this
> wisdom on the Prestone FAQ page http://www.prestone.com/tips/page7.htm
> Among other things, they comment that the warning only applies due to the
> high mineral content of many european water supplies (and certainly
> shouldn't apply if you're mixing with distilled water) and doesn't apply
> the US.
> Under miscellany - How the heck does one remove the ashtray from a 200TQ?
> The manual just says "pull out and lift".   Mine feels pretty solid when I
> lift.  Is there a trick known only to listers, or am I just too chicken to
> lift hard enough?
> Regards,
> Hays Zeigler
> Radford, VA
> (AWD Astro/200TQ/TL1000R/VF750F)
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