91 200 tq pricing - Reality training

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Tue Jan 28 22:18:46 EST 2003

I know how these nationalistic lists can be.  I'm not slamming your car, you
do what you want.  I've sold cars for a living, still broker many quattros.
I look just at the numbers from a professional salesman's perspective, that's
all.  And there, you are just high, whatever your thoughts on the value to
you, they really are irrelevent to the buyer or the Actual Cash Value market.

The '91 200tq market isn't going to go "up", it might hold (thank the lists
for the demand for 3b conversions).  Let's not make these cars out to be what
they are not.  The thing about ACV or TMV(tm), or ebay for that matter, is
that they don't single out your car (neither did I), they give the current
market value for the vehicle based on miles/color/options/condition.
Historically audis market value NEVER goes 'back up'.  Dude, I'm sitting on a
"rare"  (like 68 total) 84 urq.  I laugh at the thought of mentioning the

I encourage you Dan, to read the tips and techniques on both Edmunds and
Kelly sites.  I did, and they are very good (read the "excellent" condition
one in Edmonds, that includes "mileage below expected" - N/A since that's
95k).   I put forth my btdt as well, that's 2 years selling cars
professionally and over 10 selling quattros, and 12 years of corporate sales.
 You can reason with it, or "blame" the market.  One gets the car sold, the
other doesn't.

Dan, the problem with post ebay emails "opinions", you still own the car.
The reason is simple and obvious to me.  Sorry I pointed it out, it's a
classic car seller/demand problem that transcends any single sale.  I didn't
point you to anything that isn't already well documented.  Get the best money
you can Dan.  I only put forth opinion (backed by documentation) you already
had it in the bag.  I presented my opinion in this thread as a "reality
check".  That's all it is, quattros are tough love.

You are welcome to take any further frustration out in private emails.  I'm
off to steamboat with one of my "rare" urqs to have fun.

Best of luck


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