A New High in Lows: was pricing of 91 20v's

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Wed Jan 29 11:45:28 EST 2003

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> Did I really see this or am I having a man loves man fantasy involving
> chains,
> fists, whips, scantilly clad women over 7 feet tall, and an NADA book?
> Enough already.

I was thinking there might be a can of black spraypaint in there somewhere

But, as to Royal's comments... yeah, time to drop it.  The car is worth only
what someone will pay for it, and right now that seems to stand at 6k.  Love,
hard work, and painstaking mods (despite other's personal taste) are STILL
only worth what someone will pay you for the whole package.

I'm contemplating the sale of my 20v also...  Think I'll leave the RS2 EM,
turbo, Konis, 28mm front bar, euro lights, big reds, and 17" BBS on the car
when I sell it?  Of course not.  Those parts total to over $5k.  I might be
able to sell it for $7k to someone knowledgeable loaded out, but certainly
for $5k stripped.  Stripped it'll be... Why?  Easier to sell fast, $3k ahead
on my parts, and a break even on my original investment (less my time).
Take care,

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