200q20 wheels and Spacers

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I would HIGHLY recommend that you guys go with H&R spacers.  YOu
can machine a spacer but the center bore wont match the angle on
the hub unless your machinist spends about 5 times the time as
it takes to simply turn a spacer.  The H&R DR series 8mm
spacers, and the 15mm spacers have the 45deg bevel so that they
remain hubcentric but also fit properly.  They also maintain the
outer hub for the wheel to seat on keeping both the wheel and
spacer hubcentric.  Do do this requires starting with a piece of
aluminum about 1/4" thicker than you would otherwise and maching
down all that extra aluminum.  They can also sell you the
appropriate length bolts to fit with those spacers.



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> Ben, my mechanic turned me four AL wheel spacers to offset my
> winter steelies. I only used two of them because the rear lug
> bolts are not as long as the fronts-- we didn't think they
> caught enough thread. The fronts were fine, though, and I have
> several thousand miles on the setup without problems-- the
> center of the wheels still bear well on the central boss of
> the hub, and there was plenty of thread in the holes.
> For aluminum wheels, though, you might need longer studs?
> Anyway, he probably would be happy to sell you the other two
> spacers-- call Chris at European Advantage 802 865 2001. Call
> in the afternoon-- he usually works noon to midnight, and it
> is a one man operation. Quirky.
> Dan Wing
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