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Hey Mark-
Well, I learned to drive (way way way back in '88) on my dad's '84 4kq.
Then my little sister learned to drive with that car a couple years later.
He bought that car new and sold it around '95 or '96, at 175K miles w/ the
_original_ clutch.  Granted--the 200 is much more powerful and will likely
wear on the clutch more--but this is a comparison point, I guess, if clutch
wera with a learnign driver is your concern.  hth.

'98 A4
'84 urq
'91 200 donor

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> I'm more than curious about this.......I am committed to teaching my
> children to learn how to drive a manual, but using the 200q20v as the
> pig worries the heck out of me, since it is my daily driver and will
> continue to be for awhile.  Did you teach your kids to drive using your
> or another vehicle?  I personally remember that my Dad taught me using an
> old truck and then I learned on a Toyota corolla, which seemed to hold up
> while I figured out how to shift properly.  I have a couple years to worry
> about it (oldest is 13) but never hurts to be prepared in advance!
> Thanks!
> Mark
> 1991 200q20v 99k miles
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> Back in 1996 we had 195k mi on our 740 turbo manual, we went to the
> Volvo dealer and found that anything with some zip was a automatic ( we
> were looking at used cars still $27-30K ) we then checked out the BMW
> dealer and found a 525i with a stick. I must admit Audi was not in the
> picture at the time. I probably could have bought a 20v for $20-25k.
> We people that must drive properly shifted cars are becoming a much
> smaller piece of the pie.
> I made a point of my daughters learning to drive a stick.
> Chuck
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