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Wed Jan 29 14:08:43 EST 2003

Hi Mark
They both had the chance to learn to drive what ever van I had for my
business at the time . The oldest then got a bug ( her choice " it is
cute" I had done bugs already ) and then the Acura . I tried to teach
the youngest on the Acura but the light throttle and the need to rev the
engine a bit was real tough on me, so Mom took her out and let her learn
on her car and it has 145K mi. I think the 20v will be a good tool to
learn in. As the clutch is really easy to get used to. The Acura clutch
just did not seem real progressive.
I learned on a 1953 GMC pickup 3spd with 1st non syncro, my grand father
had going around a circle in a field till I got it right. I also learned
at 13yrs of age. It was great been able to take the truck and go out in
the meadow and putt around.


Mark Trank wrote:

>I'm more than curious about this.......I am committed to teaching my
>children to learn how to drive a manual, but using the 200q20v as the guinea
>pig worries the heck out of me, since it is my daily driver and will likely
>continue to be for awhile.  Did you teach your kids to drive using your Audi
>or another vehicle?  I personally remember that my Dad taught me using an
>old truck and then I learned on a Toyota corolla, which seemed to hold up
>while I figured out how to shift properly.  I have a couple years to worry
>about it (oldest is 13) but never hurts to be prepared in advance!
>1991 200q20v 99k miles
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>Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:15:17 -0800
>From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at>
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>Subject: Re: 20V tq as first car?
>Back in 1996 we had 195k mi on our 740 turbo manual, we went to the
>Volvo dealer and found that anything with some zip was a automatic ( we
>were looking at used cars still $27-30K ) we then checked out the BMW
>dealer and found a 525i with a stick. I must admit Audi was not in the
>picture at the time. I probably could have bought a 20v for $20-25k.
>We people that must drive properly shifted cars are becoming a much
>smaller piece of the pie.
>I made a point of my daughters learning to drive a stick.
>91 20v avant still getting sorted out
>95 525i 5spd
>98 Acura 5 spd
>86 325e 5spd
>2 2002 both 4 spds
>96 Ford van  auto ( only choice with V8 )

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