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Thu Jan 30 00:26:36 EST 2003

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>I'm more than curious about this.......I am committed to teaching my
>children to learn how to drive a manual, but using the 200q20v as the guinea
>pig worries the heck out of me, since it is my daily driver and will likely
>continue to be for awhile.  Did you teach your kids to drive using your Audi
>or another vehicle?  I personally remember that my Dad taught me using an
>old truck and then I learned on a Toyota corolla, which seemed to hold up
>while I figured out how to shift properly.  I have a couple years to worry
>about it (oldest is 13) but never hurts to be prepared in advance!

Is it really that hard to learn shifting? Only to understand that the
clutch has to be fully depressed when the stick is moved.. And
learning how to use the clutch is only trained by practise, but most
kids learn this just by trying a few times.. IMHO no need to worry at
all. I think all new drivers in the US should learn how to drive a
stick just like here in Europe..

Eyvind Spangen

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