91 200 tq pricing - Reality training

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 29 16:05:21 EST 2003


Yes officer, I think we've positively identified the suspect: :)

"Your average "Joe" or "Josephine" may be more impressed with the
car than someone who takes way too much pride in their knowledge and
loves the challenge of trying to knock you down." (c/o Royal aka 16RoT)

But now look at me..

>Derek, the problem I have with your post is that even a quick jaunt to
> >Kelly or Edmunds doesn't support your "opinion".
>Kelly shows the 91 200 with 150k as 5900 as RETAIL blue book.  Reminder,
>Retail blue book is already a "clean" car.  That's "what to expect to pay
>from a dealer".  That's also usually a private party "asking" price.
>Blue Book is the price at the Dealer including profit.
>Running Edmunds or Kelly, 150k (just like my early posts) grabs 1000USD
>Dan's pocket right away (vs selling at 100k).  Edmunds is a bit more
>they are knocking at the 4500 RETAIL price point.
>FYI, the trade/buying dealers use NADA Blackbook, which reflects ACV
>Cash Value) - which is the value of your sheet metal at auction TODAY.
>floats closer to the 3000USD range.  Dealers SELLING price is usually clean
>Kelly Blue Book, there's the spread.
>Scott Justusson

My main point was that your price point using the S4 was not a valid real
world comparison.

Anyhow, who said anything about 6-8k for the price of the car?  It may have
been implied but...  The question was more or less, can you think of a car
similar feature wise, and competitive performance wise for 6-8k?  Ever since
then, I've been puzzling over the question, and haven't really come up with
anything.  Maybe some of the similar vintage Acura's or Lexus', but I don't
think they have the same performance zeal.  A comprable BMW or Mercedes is
going to be substantially more price wise.

We had a suggestion of the V8, but in my mind, pretty close to the same car,
and gives up on weight a bit.  Looking at autotrader quickly, most of the
V8's in that price range are the 3.6 liter V8.  So with a logical step, if
you can't find anything in the 6-8k range that is comprable, perhaps the 20v
is undervalued by the reference books.  A point that is again verified by a
trip to Autotrader; 20v200 are between 6-8k.

But true enough, ultimately the market is the determinant of value, not
somebody sitting at a computer devising grand theories.

Derek Pulvino

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