Everyone loves white lights, Right???

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How are the PIAA bulbs compared to stock bulbs?

PIAA makes a "superwhite" bayonet mount bulb, have you
checked to see if they're workable in the lamp?

I think you're talking about the city lamp, right (5W
bayonet mount lamp), not a DRL?


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I have a 91 20020V, with the Upgraded H4/H1 euros, I have PIAA Extremes
as the H4 and PIAA superwhites as the H1s. But here's the problem, has
anyone else found a bulb that's "White" for the daytime running lights.

Kind of sad when you turn on the lights and the daytime running lights
adds a wonderful tint of YELLOW to the Extreme WHITE/BLUE PIAA.

Thanks for you help in advance...And I would rather not have to paint
the bulbs...And not really sure if I want purple ones (of which I have

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