Expired 200TQ Airbag Inflator Module

Hays Zeigler hzeigler at usit.net
Wed Jan 29 21:34:06 EST 2003

Thanks for the input on the timing belt (and ashtray).  Guess no one found a
genuine 200 reference that said 60K miles for the timing belt.  Then I won't
get paranoid.

Regarding my '91 200:

Audi states that the "airbag inflator module should be replaced after 10
yrs. in service".  That was a couple of years ago, and it hasn't been
replaced.  (Although the sensor module(s) was replace on recall.)  My own
knowledge of inflator gas generant stability says that 10 yrs. is very
conservative unless your car spends all 10 years parked on the tarmac at the
Phoenix, AZ airport with the windows up.  (Or maybe Death Valley.)

Does Audi give a similar warning for newer models?

Does anyone know of airbags which were beyond the 10 yr. mark failing to
inflate in an accident where it should have?

Does anyone know of airbags beyond the 10 yrs. inflating normally in an

How much does Audi charge for a new inflator module?


Hays Zeigler
Radford, VA
(AWD Astro/200TQ/TL1000R/VF750F)

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