200 turn signal problems

Lawson, Dave dlawson at ball.com
Thu Jan 30 09:33:29 EST 2003

Hello All,
I have a goofy problem with my turn signals and am checking if anyone
has any ideas on how to fix it.

Patient: 1990 200 TQ avant (I know, its not a 20V, but the wiring for
turn signals are the same)

Problem: Turn signals / emergency flasher system not working

When the blinkers were in the process of failing, when the turn signal
was activated, I heard a buzzing from the interument cluster. At this
point the blinkers have failed, don't work, and no buzzing is heard.

I found the emergency flasher relay last night and replaced that. For
future reference, the location is to the left of the steering column
directly behind the wood trim. It needs to be accessed from below.

But that in not the cause of my problem. I have tracked the following:
-blinkers don't work
-emergency flashers don't work
-front bumper lights don't work, bulbs are good

According to bentley, the fronts tie into the an anti-theft alarm light
warning relay, but bentley doesn't give a location. It does show the
the anti-theft control unit as being located above the passenger glove
box, but I have not yet removed that to see if the relay is mounted near

I am not sure I understand the turn signal circuit, they do not go through
the flasher relay, so I wonder how blinking is controlled. The turn signals
do go into the intrument cluster, and I ripped that apart last night, but
didn't find a relay or anything close. My gut tells me something is up with
the instrument cluster, but I am not sure how to proceed.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I am now subbed to the 200 20V list
and will look out for replys.

Dave Lawson

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