The emperor ... er, the intake air temp sensor ... has no clothes

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Thu Jan 30 17:36:06 EST 2003

I removed the intake-air-temp sensor today to test it,
after it threw a code a few times, and found it
missing its end-cap/cover.  I assume the engine ate it
some time during its 180K mile life.

It tested OK (500 ohms at the sensor, 525 at the ECU
connector, at ~68 degrees F [such is California
between winter storms]) so I reinstalled it for the
time being.  But, should I worry about the sensor
hanging naked in the manifold breeze indefinitely?

I'm more worried about installing a replacement sensor
that I saw has a black looks-like-vinyl plastic end
cap that covers the entire end of the sensor inside
the intake manifold.  However, it pulls off with only
a gentle twist, which undermines any confidence I
would otherwise have that it would stay put.  Why risk
having the engine swallow another one?

If I had to replace it, I think I'd put one of those
skinny, short (~4") tie wraps around the base of the
cover to hold it in place.  Does anyone know a better
way to deal with this?


Ukiah, CA

PS: Maybe this explains why my compression is high in
one cylinder (166, 173, 167, 167, 167); could the
remains of the cover have become a seal around
cylinder #2's valves?

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