Last call--200 parts FS

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Fri Jan 31 14:19:38 EST 2003

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Sorry for the blatant FS posts recently.  I have this wrecked 200 20V and t=
he engine is now out  so I will be getting rid of it within the next two we=
eks---read:it's going to the crusher.  So if you think you want something l=
et me know soon.  Make an offer - I don't have a "pricelist" for every part=
 that may be requested.    So far these are big items that are not avail--w=
heels, engine, ecu, harness, rear brakes, instrument cluster, stereo, ufo r=
otors, and some little stuff.

Please note -- I will be out of town til Wednesday so it will be a few days=
 before I get back to anyone.

Again-sorry about the blatant FS--now lets get back to the good stuff.

'84 urq
'98 A4
'91 200 20V donor


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