NOTICE -- please conserve bandwidth --

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jan 31 18:36:16 EST 2003

Audifans has been asked by our current (and extremely gracious) hosts
Rennlist to make all efforts to conserve bandwidth usage temporarily.
While we'll make some changes on our end to help that, we need your help
as well.

To this end, we ask that you please:

-not use as your browser homepage(just looking to reduce
unnecessary page hits, don't be afraid to surf the site!)

-enable HTTP 1.1 in your browser(s) where supported(we may implement
content compression, but HTTP 1.1 is possibly required for this)

-trim your on-list replies so that you quote ONLY the text which you
are directly responding to(ie, don't just hit "reply" and include all the
text, and never include the full digest in a reply)

-ask yourself when replying to messages, "Do I really need to send this to
the list, or should this just go to the individual?" Reply in private
where appropriate.

We(and Rennlist, our hosts) sincerely appreciate your efforts.  Dan is
working on a new home for the Audifans box, but large (anonymous if need
be) cash donations are -always- welcome ;-)

Audifans "#2 Geek-in-Residence" / 200q20v Listmaster

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