Hydraulic reservoir non-filter: what don't I understand?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Jul 1 15:34:22 EDT 2003

Nothing wrong with your screen.  It is a duel surface concentric screen.  I
don't remember the details but as I recall the slots of your concern are the
combined outlet for the two filter surfaces.  The only problem with the
design is to find a brush small enough to scrub all of the inlet surfaces up
in those small slots of the very fine accumulation of black crud residue
while rinsing in solvent.

IMO, not to worry about the gasket. Just cut a new one with a scissors or
use a small section Oring.


> From: Scalmanini Steve <sscalmanini at yahoo.com>
> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 12:29:26 -0700 (PDT)
> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: Hydraulic reservoir non-filter: what don't I understand?
> I finally removed and disassembled the hydraulic
> reservoir yesterday to prepare for installing a
> new pump and flushing the system, and I just don't
> get why the filter/screen is made how it is.
> The screen is incredibly fine mesh, which seems
> wise, but the plastic housing it is welded/melted
> into has two vertical slots about a mm wide that
> will easily allow grit and debris through!  What
> don't I understand here?  Looks to me like the
> slots defeat the purpose of the screen!
> At the bottom of the filter I found only one piece of
> debris: a piece of the reservoir cap's rubber gasket,
> from the outer edge, about the size of a fingernail
> clipping.  That's the good news.  The bad news is
> what I didn't find: the other piece(s) that would be
> necessary to make up how much rubber was missing from
> the edge of the gasket, about twice again what I did
> find.
> So now I get to wonder if the missing pieces got by
> the filter and helped ruin the pump, and what will
> prevent such from happening again.
> That gasket (assumedly inexpensive), does not show as
> a separate part in ETKA, but is part of the cap assy.
> ($38.00); oh what a feeling!  ' time to see what punch
> sizes are had at local sheet metal shops.
> Steve
> Ukiah, CA
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