Mineral Oil alternative [Mobil DTE-13M is generally OK]

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue Jul 1 23:50:01 EDT 2003

I don't know about the Shell product(have done no analysis on that),
but as for the Mobil DTE-13M, I(and some other interested listers and a
not so interested engineer) recently did a little cross reference/
analysis of the specifications and referenced Marks engineering
handbook, internet and other manuals for working fluids similar to and
including Pentosin. I/we compared to Mobil-DTE-13M as well as tractor
hydraulic(not as wide of a range), marine lower unit(not very close),
and others.  It was indeed difficult to find an off the shelf fluid
with the viscosity range and working characteristics incl. boiling
point, flash point(important!) that Pentosin has - it is indeed a high
performance mineral oil.

However, Mobil-DTE-13M is very close!  In addition to being very close
in specification, I think those who have tried it(Mobil DTE-13M),
including myself will vouch that it is a fine and far less expensive
substitute.  It really makes a lot of sense especially when you
consider that a system flush to install a new rack will waste close to
a gallon of the green gold, and you can get 5 gal of the DTE-13M for
under $50.

The one downside I read from the specs, is the subfreezing operation
characteristics are not as good, so take that into account if you live
in arctic climates where the temps may go down to 20 below 0F.  There
may be some other subtleties, but in general, most will find the DTE-
13M will work as a fine substitute.


more comments below..
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Subject: Re: Mineral Oil alternative
And recommendations from
Shell T 32 6792
....$30.00 for 5 gallons

Mobil DTE-13M

 Ford tractor's Hydraulic Oil( it will work in a higher temp. range

Could someone please give me a final recommendation ?

Use the Mobil DTE-13M if you want to save money or send me the savings
if you don't care about the money, and don't live in Northern Canada or

I got this from a lister.<deleted>] <--- IMO this caveat saying you'll
be sorry for not using the magic green Pentosin  was somewhat
uninformed Anal Retentive BS.  Get a fluid that is very close to spec
and you'll be allright(at least the power steering system anyway).
That does not mean go to your local Flaps and get regular power
steering fluid.

One strong vouch for Mobil-DTE-13M as a Pentosin substitute in normal


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