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Wed Jul 2 13:27:17 EDT 2003

Hi Chris,

"Serious heat" being a relative phrase, I suggest that if you quantify it
you will find that the 200 under hood temps are not extreem relative to
either DTE-13M or Pentosin CHF 7.1 max recommended service temps.  The
highest temp to which the fluid is exposed occours within the pump, where
the mechanical energy is converted to fluid pressure, and this temp rise is
normally small excepting when max PS force is required (at which times under
hood temps are not max).

IMO, flushing the rack is a pointless exercise, short of its necessity for
rack overhaul.  Good only to satisfy ones thin wallet needs.  Flushing will
replace the old fluid containing harmless suspended color particles, but
will not remove any larger sediment deposits from within the rack, also
harmless undisturbed.  Nothing wrong with reusing the old stuff.  BTDT.


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> In a message dated 7/2/2003 11:00:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, ben swann
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>> The substitute may fall
>> short in subfreezing temps(like 30 deg. F below 0) or in
>> very very hot
>> conditions(like Hell or the Sahara desert).
> Been under the hood of a 200q20v lately?  Some serious heat under there; the
> rack sits at the back, with heat from the turbo on one side, and the radiator
> fan on the other, both cats below, and a nice insulating hood up top.  How
> much out of spec is this stuff?
> Are you reinstalling used racks?  Why else would it take a gallon of fresh
> fluid?  I'd just get a little filter, and reuse the old stuff to flush, then
> use the quart or two of new for the system...
> Chris
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