Automatic After Run System???

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at
Wed Jul 2 23:35:12 EDT 2003

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I drove a  Porsche 944 turbo lately.  Great car.

Anyway, one thing about the car that I really, really liked was that when you
shut the ignition off, the coolant after-run system automatically came on for
a determined about of time.  It was just like our system, but that there was
no need to wait for the coolant to reach a certain temp or need for any
temperature-related switching to activate the system.  It was really
sweet...turn car off...pump turned on for what was a few minutes maybe.

So, I am curious to see if anyone has rigged our Audi after run systems to run in
a similar manner.  I am wondering if the Porsche after run relay is different
and maybe that it could be plugged into our relay system and operate in a
similar fashion.  Or, is there any jumpering of our relay that could make this
happen.  Any one try this or been able to create something similar?  I think
it would be a great alternative to have the turbo cooled immediately after the motor
is killed, rather than what the system currently has.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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