spark plug wires

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jul 2 21:21:21 EDT 2003

At 3:18 PM -0600 7/1/03, Brian Link wrote:
>Does anyone have an opinion of what sparkplug wires to use?  I have the
>OEM beru's that need replacing.  Has anyone used aftermarket or had good
>luck with replacing just the ends?

I've had black magnecor wires on my car for years- I check them every
once in a while for cracking, electrical problems, etc- they're
always OK.

The boots are well-made and fit the head perfectly; I would have
liked another cm or two on my set, but they fit pretty well
length-wise(it's easy to remove a plug from the head, for example).

As other listers noted, they cost a fraction of the price of stock wires.

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