Failed DEQ visual inspection: smoke

jalexmichaels jalexmichaels at
Wed Jul 2 22:33:35 EDT 2003

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After idling for 10 minutes in line for Oregon DEQ emissions test, the car =
was consistently producing a bluish-grey smoke.  I have had some puffs at s=
tart-up in the past, but never consistent smoke. The smoke did seem a bit l=
ighter-colored than usual during this episode.

Also, on a recent 1500 mile round trip to CA, it burned approx. 3/4 liter o=
f oil, which does seem worrisome.

Compression test was then done, all between 165-170, leakdown was 10-15-20-=
15-20%. Mechanic (A&P in Portland) said he doesn't like anything over 15, b=
ut this really doesn't seem so dire to me.

He thinks either the turbo or rings, or both, are the culprits.

Car has 143K, turbo about 100K. Ned Ritchie chip. Not real sure where I sho=
uld go from here.

I want to pass emission quickly so I can use the car (which is running quit=
e well other than this) for a trip CO, so I am thinking of using a "no-smok=
e" product just to get through emissions.  The emissions test is pretty muc=
h only an inspection on AWD cars as they don't have an AWD-dyno here.

I thought I would take the old coupe gt instead, but I just discovered a on=
e inch hole in the power steering rack accordian rubber boot on the driver'=
s side. ATF everywhere. Yikes.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Jacob Michaels 1987.5 Coupe (power-steering rack disaster), 230K, 1991 200q=

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