Spark Plug Wires Change Valve Cover Gasket First

BriceW at BriceW at
Thu Jul 3 04:11:15 EDT 2003

Before spending the bucks on spark plug wires it might be a good idea to
change the valve cover gasket first.
Oil gets in in from old the old gasket and degrades some of the plug
wires. Mine have oil in the first 2. The plug wire ends are tearing and
soft and mushy from the oil.
I just got the valve cover gasket in yesterday. I am going to change it
and the intake manifold gasket at the same time. Also going to do the
coolant manifold gasket gasket and o-rings. This would also be a good
time to change the little coolant hose under the p/s pump. Not the
little one from the thermostat housing but the one directly under the
p/s pump.
I am no goig to invest the big bucks on plug wires and plugs without
doing the valve cover gasket first.
I was suprised to see how beefy this gasket is. I got the Victor Renz
OEM 034 198 025F from Scott at
He recommended doing the intake manifold gasket at the same time 034 129
717K. He also suggested doing the coolant manifold and o-rings then as
I had bought those a few agos and when I saw what the job entailed I
Doing it all at once makes sense.
Any tips on doing ths job would be greatly appreciated.
How have some of cleaned the oil out from a valve cover gasket leak?
Just a clean rag?
After I finish this job then I will get new plugs, wires, cap and rotor.

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