MFTS Plug Kit

BriceW at BriceW at
Thu Jul 3 04:29:58 EDT 2003

I had just got a new VDO MFTS switch a few months back.
My temp guage stopped working a few ago. I pulled the MFTS plug and
discovered that one of the plug wires(the blue and black one) had come
loose due to severe corrosion in the socket. All 4 connectors looked
very corroded. I had just cut a hole in boot a few months ago.
The boot was mushy and degrading.
I asked Scott at if he could make me up a kit
which he did.
The access to getting to the connector is very limited even withall the
hoses off.
And I am an idiot with minimal electrical type skills. So for around
$34.00 Scott made me up a kit with a new connector with the right
colored long enough wires attached which are running through a new boot
with 2 OEM type drain holes included
and 4 wire connectors. Now all I have to do is connect the wires to the
wires and clamp them and plug the new connector into the MFTS and I only
paid a little bit more than if I had bought all the parts seperately.

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