Mobil DTE-13M

ben swann benswann at
Thu Jul 3 14:40:38 EDT 2003

I am almost sorry I got into this by giving my research verified
condonement for using Mobil DTE-13M.

1) the rack was a Jorgan rebuilt - totally full of old grody crap - was
the second Jorgan replacement and definately needed to be purged.  I'm
not trying to ding Jorgan, just reporting the facts.  I explained the
procedure done a few times previously shortly after the rack was
replaced - basically turning lock to lock to expel any garbage and
bleed the rack.   I'd suggest doing this is not a bad idea reubuilt or
not - the old pentosin can look like crap too.  This may not be a bad
pre-emptive measure to help keep older racks from failing.  Is there
any recommendation to flush the power steering system after 100k miles
or so?  Any reason why this is not a good idea?

2) Regarding  flash points, working temps, boiling points, viscocity,
etc. I don't recall the exact numbers and am not going to look them up
again.  High operating specification differences were insignificant and
reflective of underhood temps reached - meaning very high like 450 vs
Pentosin being 460 (something like that).  The significant difference
noted was in the cold side viscocity/pour point(like -35 vs -20).

3) Again without researching all the specifications again, I submit
that there is no problem with chemical contamination or deterioration
using DTE-13M, but more so a problem of just age and contamination in
general for any Hydraulic fluid in which case the difference may be a
working life 100k miles for Pentosin vs 90k miles for an "inferior"
substitute for example.  I seriously doubt there is enough evidence to
argue the point either way.

4) I agree it is a good idea to fix leaks or problems and was not
advocating using a substitute to keep trickling along until a
catastrophic failure occurs.  On that note - with failing rack
inevitable, my recent experience is that any ps-fluid will get you
there, and even power steering fluid bought at a convenience gas
station permitted adequate operation for close to 1000 miles at which
time the rack was replaced.

The DTE-13M has been proven to work - take that as you want.  Verify
the technical specifications to satisfy yourselves.  I would have
captured the information, but at the time did not have my normal
facilities at hand, was on vacation and had to obtain a substitute and
source a replacement rack and install.  Having plenty of time then to
research hydraulic fluids, I became convinced the Mobil DTE-13M is so
close to the Pentosin brand, you will not be able to tell the
difference.  This was not true with several other options considered.

Sorry for sounding a tad miffed, but I'm seeing at lot of times where
posts are not fully read for qualification and then replies get sent
back to others who had nothing to do with the original statement or to
no-one at all.

Rant off.  I really do think you guys are great. Please excuse me for
my outburst.


p.s. BTW, the new rack lives happily ever after on DTE-13M.

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Subject: Re: Mobil DTE-13M
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Hi Chris,

"Serious heat" being a relative phrase, I suggest that if you quantify
it you will find that the 200 under hood temps are not extreem relative
to either DTE-13M or Pentosin CHF 7.1 max recommended service temps.
The highest temp to which the fluid is exposed occours within the pump,
where the mechanical energy is converted to fluid pressure, and this
temp rise is normally small excepting when max PS force is required (at
which times under hood temps are not max).

IMO, flushing the rack is a pointless exercise, short of its necessity
for rack overhaul.  Good only to satisfy ones thin wallet needs.
Flushing will replace the old fluid containing harmless suspended color
particles, but will not remove any larger sediment deposits from within
the rack, also  harmless undisturbed.  Nothing wrong with reusing the
old stuff.  BTDT.


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