Automatic After Run System???

Bernstein, Jeff Jeff.Bernstein at
Thu Jul 3 14:20:58 EDT 2003


I happen to have both a '91 200TQ and a 944 Turbo so I can comment on some
of the differences.  The 944T has the turbo buried on the top side of the
motor very close to the hood and other under hood items.  This requires that
it run the turbo cooling pump more often to keep the under hood temperatures
under control.

On the '91 200TQ the turbo is mounted lower and has much better air flow
around it so additional cooling is less critical.  This is why turbo failure
on the '91 200TQ  is nearly non-existent.  I can honestly say that the
design of the turbo system on the '91 200TQ  is very impressive and is an
improvement over the 944T.  I will concede that the options for the turbo
placement were very limited on the 944T so the engineers made the best
compromise that they could and then added cooling system enhancements to

You really shouldn't worry about adding additional run time to the turbo
after run pump since in my opinion it really isn't necessary based on the
established longevity of the current turbo arrangement.

You are correct that the 944T is a great car as is the '91 200TQ.  I have
been blessed to be able to own both of these cars.

Jeff Bernstein
Canton, OH

'91 200TQ
'87 944 T
'98 A8

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