Mobil DTE-13M

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> 4) I agree it is a good idea to fix leaks or problems and was not
> advocating using a substitute to keep trickling along until a
> catastrophic failure occurs.  On that note - with failing rack
> inevitable, my recent experience is that any ps-fluid will get you
> there, and even power steering fluid bought at a convenience gas
> station permitted adequate operation for close to 1000 miles at which
> time the rack was replaced.

Any fluid is better than no fluid, I agree.  But conventional PS fluid is
ATF, designed for high shear tranny service, and suitable for the lower
pressure vane pump type PS systems but it does not have the lubricity
required for our higher pressure piston type pump systems.  Engine oil might
be a better emergency substitute.  The pump is the component requiring a
Pentosin type fluid, the rack could care less.  The only dynamic seal
subject to high pressure in the rack is the rod seal and IMO its failure
mode is pressure related (ie full pump pressure against the rack stops being
the no no) and not to screen passed entrained color particles in the fluid.
(Further IMO, it is a cheap, poorly designed special ZF seal for this app,
having replaced several over the years.)  So flush away, you may be stirring
up trouble!


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