Need Advice: Smoking at hot idle-driveable?

jalexmichaels jalexmichaels at
Thu Jul 3 16:56:34 EDT 2003

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A follow up on my tale of woe with exhaust smoke right before my trip to Co=
lorado from Oregon.

Symptoms manifest on at hot engine temperature at idle at hot start-up. It =
will take about 5-10 minutes of idling before the smoke becomes consistent.=
 Goes away when engine not hot, like after a freeway run. Takes 10 minutes =
after a freeway run for it to start again. Smoke is not white, more greyish=
-white, note particularly blue.

Mechanic's gut feeling is that it is the turbo.  Leakdown test was 20%-10%-=
10%-20%-15%.  I do not want the turbo to start spewing oil on some mountain=
 pass, but it is difficult for me to calculate the risk of that.

I don't think that I would normally consider driving the 200q car, under th=
e circumstances, to Colorado from Oregon, but the Coupe gt is leaking a ton=
 of ATF. I have jury-rigged something to temporarily lessen the leak in the=
 rubber accordian boot of the ps rack, so I think it is driveable.

Any advice or suggestions on which car to drive...


Jacob  1987.5 cpe gt 238K (ps rack disaster), 200q20v 143K (smoking at idle=
) sigh.

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