Need Advice: Smoking at hot idle-driveable?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu Jul 3 17:23:52 EDT 2003

It doesn't smoke while driving? hard?  Don't idle on way to CO.

Or disconnect the PS pump on the CGT and drive it.  Will steer hard but
won't hurt the rack, which is due for overhaul anyway.  Try it around the


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> Subject: Need Advice:  Smoking at hot idle-driveable?
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> A follow up on my tale of woe with exhaust smoke right before my trip to
> Colorado from Oregon.
> Symptoms manifest on at hot engine temperature at idle at hot start-up. It
> will take about 5-10 minutes of idling before the smoke becomes consistent.
> Goes away when engine not hot, like after a freeway run. Takes 10 minutes
> after a freeway run for it to start again. Smoke is not white, more
> greyish-white, note particularly blue.
> Mechanic's gut feeling is that it is the turbo.  Leakdown test was
> 20%-10%-10%-20%-15%.  I do not want the turbo to start spewing oil on some
> mountain pass, but it is difficult for me to calculate the risk of that.
> I don't think that I would normally consider driving the 200q car, under the
> circumstances, to Colorado from Oregon, but the Coupe gt is leaking a ton of
> ATF. I have jury-rigged something to temporarily lessen the leak in the rubber
> accordian boot of the ps rack, so I think it is driveable.
> Any advice or suggestions on which car to drive...
> TIA,
> Jacob  1987.5 cpe gt 238K (ps rack disaster), 200q20v 143K (smoking at idle)
> sigh.
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