Mobil DTE-13M

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Thu Jul 3 21:42:55 EDT 2003

True - The avant that succombed to an accident did not use any
significant amount of fluid.

I was exaggerating a little about extremes, desert temp wise and it
temporarily alluded me that the high temp points were more from a flash
point temp that could cause underhood fire.


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> > I am almost sorry I got into this by giving my research verified
> > condonement for using Mobil DTE-13M.
> I only replied because you referred to high heat as Sahara desert
> heat, and
> underhood exceeds that.
> If specs are close, great.  But, most of us I'd hope only use a
> quart over
> the life of the car... for when you replace the bomb after 7-10 years.
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