Dead/dying Alternator?

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Sat Jul 5 13:17:56 EDT 2003

From: Paul Luevano <paul at>
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Subject: Dead/dying Alternator?

I was just heading out to a July 4th BBQ, when I noticed that my ABS
brake/don't remember the 3rd lights were on.  A quick look over at the volt
meter, about 11.

I rev the engine up, I can just get to 12v at about 6k. Now for the last week
so, I've had to blip the throttle when I start the car to get the 3 lights to
off. I just thought loose belt or something.  But the belt is tight, and now


<grabs helmet and takes bike instead>


I'd start by pulling the voltage regulator off, seeing if the brushes are
intact and long enough, and cleaning the contact arm inside the alternator...
assume you've got enough belt tension?
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