Dead/dying Alternator?

Paul Luevano paul at
Sat Jul 5 19:42:47 EDT 2003

I wrote:
> Bunch of stuff on how my alternator sucks and I was running into all kinds of > problems.

So, my "one hour and I'll be done" job turned into an all day event.  How come
that always happens?

Bolt snaps off.  Have to remove alternator and alternator bracket.  Then call
around to find a shop open today.  Takes them 1.5-2 hours to drill, heat,
extract broken bolt.  Chase threads, off to FLAPS.  At flaps, pick up new
alternator and new bolt to replace the snapped one.

Get home, go to install.  Crap, the lower alternator bolt hole in the new
alternator has it's threads stripped.  Dig through bolt collection, find one the
right length.  Hook everything up.

Now, I hooked everything up "reverse of disassembly".  Sort of in cruise control
mode.  Didn't really think about it.  Until I had everything hooked up and I
still had the problem with the 3 idiot lights, and no charging until I blipped
the throttle.

Sit back, e-mail the list, read Bentley a bit, look through Scott's and Chris'
pages a bit.


The little blue wire.

When I removed the alternator, the little blue wire was connected to one off the
alternator cover bolt.  Grounded if you will.  Now that is just not right.

Look over the wiring diagrams again.  Yup.

Go back out, add about 6" to the little blue wire to make life a bit easier,
hook it to the "D+" terminal with the other little wire (the 2 big wires hooked
to the "B+" post.  Bolt everything back up.

Start car.

14V.  No idiot lights.

Life is good.  Only took me 7.5 hours.


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