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Sun Jul 6 22:05:03 EDT 2003

I had mine rebuilt when it quit on me last winter.  I took it off and
reinstalled myself, but had a Bosch repair center do the rebuild.  It had
been rebuilt previously for the PO, and reassembled with inadequate sealing
of the case, so the insides were all rusty.   It's two bolts.  The lower
one passes through the starter head and has a nut.  The upper threads into
the starter.   I had the car on jackstands.  I think I got the upper bolt
through the top and the lower from beneath.

At 03:06 PM 07/06/2003 -0700, Neil Vonhof wrote:

>Starter is becoming troublesome. It engages the the flywheel just fine when
>cold (after an overnight cool off)- every time, always starts. But when warm
>it usually takes 3 or 4 tries before the starter engages the flywheel enough
>to finally start it up. When is fails to engage, the starter motor spins up
>to high RPM but the gear doesn't grab and turn the engine. Sometimes it'll
>grab and begin to spin the engine but then disengage before the engine is
>turned enough to start. So far repeated attemps always result in success,
>but it's getting worse and it's certainly becoming more & more bothersome so
>it's time for......what? A rebuild, total replacement?
>Any BTDT on removing and installing the starter would be helpful. Is it
>relatively easy if you can raise the car enough to get under it? Any sources
>for new/rebuilt motor would be really helpful also.
>Neil Vonhof
>Seattle, WA
>1991 200q20 Sedan  150,000 miles
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