Starter Motor Advice

Richard Tanimura richard at
Mon Jul 7 10:30:32 EDT 2003


I removed and rebuilt my starter myself about 2 months ago. It is not hard.

Going directly to your problem, it sounds as if the solenoid is not moving
and engaging the flywheel correctly. If you feel up to it, take the starter
off and take it apart. (I can give you the instructions if you chose this
route. It is pretty simple but messy.) When you have the thing apart, you
will see very clearly how the solenoid causes the gear to engage the
flywheel when current is applied. Check the carbon brushes to see if you are
worn. It might be that the solenoid is not getting enough current.

Put the car up and stands, make sure you disconnect the battery unless you
want to spotweld things as you disconnect the wires. The bolts are 16 mm
IIRC. I remember this because a 16 mm box end wrench was the only size I did
not have in my set and I had to buy it.

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