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Mon Jul 7 08:31:35 EDT 2003

Dave, The original ring gear was plastic and gave much trouble.  Later Bosch
rebuilts used a sintered metal ring gear, solving that problem.


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> I second that recommendation (to remove and try to fix yourself). I
> assume the starter is very similar (if not the same) to my '87 5KTQ that
> had a starter problem over 2 years ago (a few months before I sold it).
> I removed it because the braided copper wire between the brushes and the
> + terminal had totally disintegrated. When I got the starter apart, I
> noticed that the ring gear was all cracked. A local starter/alternator
> shop had the brushes and ring gear and even did the work of installing
> the ring gear. The cost was very reasonable.
> David
> PS. the ring gear is plastic!
> Richard Tanimura wrote:
>> Neil,
>> I removed and rebuilt my starter myself about 2 months ago. It is not hard.
>> Going directly to your problem, it sounds as if the solenoid is not moving
>> and engaging the flywheel correctly. If you feel up to it, take the starter
>> off and take it apart. (I can give you the instructions if you chose this
>> route. It is pretty simple but messy.) When you have the thing apart, you
>> will see very clearly how the solenoid causes the gear to engage the
>> flywheel when current is applied. Check the carbon brushes to see if you are
>> worn. It might be that the solenoid is not getting enough current.
>> Put the car up and stands, make sure you disconnect the battery unless you
>> want to spotweld things as you disconnect the wires. The bolts are 16 mm
>> IIRC. I remember this because a 16 mm box end wrench was the only size I did
>> not have in my set and I had to buy it.
>> Rich
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