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Tue Jul 8 18:11:55 EDT 2003

I just got the RS2 MAF from Scott M. for less than the stock MAF at many
places. It is a Porsche Bosch part, off of the 968 I think. Afterall,
Porsche did develop the RS2 engine.
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> Mike, that particular MAF I was speaking about comes from an official
> center and is sold by Bosch with a 1-year warranty as a Bosch part, thus
> issues with fake/badly rebuilt items here AFAIK. Unfortunately I don't
> of anyone either who can rebuild the MAFs, all I can suppose is that Bosch
> is refurbishing them and then reselling them...
> I'll ask for an exchange PN for your 928 MAF and keep you posted, it would
> be cool indeed to be able to source them as exchange but I'm not sure if
> that would work given the relatively low sales volume and (I assume) low
> failure rate....
> Later,
> Mihnea
> At 08:29 8/07/2003 -0600, mlp qwest wrote:
> >Mihnea -
> >
> >Two things, I have from time to time heard "rumors" there were private
> >(i.e. non-Bosch) persons or places that would attempt to "rebuilt"
> >defective/broken hot wire MAFs.  So far, my limited attempts to verify
> >locate such a service have failed to find any such person or business.
> >all means, if some one knows of one, it would be great if they could
> >it with the lists.
> >
> >2nd, I unfortunately now happen to have a brand new larger MAF which
> >succumbed to Hot Wire failure in testing.  Do you have any idea if the
> >special parts "exchange" program might also apply to the larger 86mm
> >M5 Bosch PN# 0-280-214-001 MAF as well?
> >
> >Thanks
> >Mike
> >
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> >
> >It is the exact same MAF, possibly rebuilt but for a much nicer price
> >the original one... Apparently it isn't available in the US but I'll try
> >work something out with Scott M in order to have them available in the
> >Unfortunately it isn't hot film but that's not needed anyway...
> >
> >Mihnea
> >
> >At 17:25 1/07/2003 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> > >At 9:15 PM +0200 7/1/03, Mihnea Cotet wrote:
> > >>Steve,
> > >>
> > >>AFAIK there is a Bosch special part number for an exchange MAF for our
> > >>engines, the number is 0 986 280 120 and I've paid 205 Euro tax
> > >>for one, about 6 months ago when mine went south...
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