Upper Radiator Hose again

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 11:49:39 EDT 2003

In conclusion emailed  Scott Mockry as well, and found he couldn't get it,
dealer only, but suggested Blau as did TPC.

You know what though, given my experience with Blau, I wouldn't rather pay
an extra 30 dollars to the local dealership than patronize them again.

At any rate, wound up cutting off the offending last inch of hose and
reattaching this evening.  Seems fine and dandy so far.  I'm now 120 bucks
richer than where I could be.

Kind of funny (I thought), but where the hose had punctured, there was a
bunch of buildup.  Looked like a pebble at first, but was able to break it
apart with my fingers.  I don't think this is what caused the hole, but
maybe more like there was an eddy in the coolant flow that allowed the
sediment to build in this location, and thus the extra pressure over time
helped to weaken the hose.  But with that, seems like there'd already have
to be a gap, or weak spot in the hose to allow this to
happen...manufacturing problem?  Or maybe, something in this area of the
inlet manifold served as a "condensation nuclei" that allowed sediment to
build here...leading to ruptured hose.

And ladies and gentleman, when I'm done with this, I'll get to that chicken
and the egg question...

Anyhow, although admitedly not too sexy of a problem, any of you engineering
types want to take a stab at this?

Derek P

>Well, I should have read this first.... :-)
>Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>On further thought, wanted to count the votes on cutting off the offending
>>part of the hose, and reattaching.  The hole is close enough to the end
>>I don't picture length be a huge issue.  I've done this on another car
>>recently, with no adverse side effects except dry mouth, indigestion, mild
>>boughts of euphoria, hair loss, decreased appetite.  No wait, that was the
>>At any rate, what do people think on this.  TPC no gots, and Carlsen had
>>for $110
>>Derek P
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