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Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Wed Jul 9 15:40:40 EDT 2003

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I had a similar experience with a 1993 90 I used to own.  Intermittent flic=
kering, especially during warm-up.  If you let the engine warm up fully bef=
ore driving, no problem.  Eventually I figured out that the wires to the OX=
S were twisted; the white wires to the heater were inducing a current into =
the black sensor wire.  I unplugged the sensor, untwisted the wires, and ne=
ver saw the light again.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure how your bump issue f=
its, but check the OXS wiring.  Try wiggling the wires while the car is idl=
ing with a helper watching the light.  Sometimes there can be a short where=
 the wires enter the sensor.

Tom Mullane
Hartford, CT
91 200Q
91 CQ
99 A6Q

From: "Ingo D. Rautenberg" <ingo at waratap.com>
To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
Subject: Re: a flickering check-engine light
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 12:45:09 -0400

Just a stab, but had the check engine light on constantly on the v8 I picked
up in Cali a few months back.  Scott J. spotted the culprit --ended up being
a knock sensor's wiring grounding out where the sheathing had crumbled away
due to heat/age.  May be worth looking into.  BTW, I didn't replace said
sensor, instead wrapping electrical tape and that black flexible conduit for
wiring looms instead.  No more check engine light and at least 50 more

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'84 Tornado Red Urquattro
'90 v8 quattro (again)
'91 v8 quattro 5-Speed (not exactly stock) :-)


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