Pentosin Reservoir Cap Seal

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Wed Jul 9 14:01:00 EDT 2003

Here's a little trivia (trivium/o/?) for any of you whose
rubber washer/seal for your hydraulic reservoir cap has lost
some of its edge (literally; possibly from overtightening?)
as mine did (and some of the missing rubber was in the
screen/filter and the rest went ... well, the pump did fail

The seal is not available from AoA unless you buy the entire
cap assembly (for $18.xx).  At a hardware store I could only
find a washer with ~ 1/16" smaller OD (for a plumbing "union"),
but a plumbing shop had one the exact size: 1 3/16" [30mm] ID x
1 11/16" [43mm] OD (and ~.080" [2mm] thick).  Asked for its mfr.
and P/N, he only explained "it's the one for pop-up drains that
use a rubber washer instead of plumbers' putty".

So if you ever need one, now you know what to phone around for.


Ukiah, CA
... working on Trivial Pursuit, the Quattro Edition ...

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