Intake Leak Tester alternative

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Wed Jul 9 14:03:26 EDT 2003

If any of you are thinking about making an intake
manifold pressure tester ala Mike Miller style
there might be a slightly easier/cheaper way.
I made one last week with a hard end cap for
2.5" PVC pipe (the white stuff), whick has an
OD very slightly larger than the MAF.  The end
of the Michelin Man hose easily slips over the
end cap and can be clamped using the same hose
clamp that is already there over the end of the
hose. The only work involved in making the tool
was drilling the hole for the threaded-shaft
tire valve to go through and cinch over (easily
done with a hole saw; 5/8" I think).

In use, I only got to ~ 20 psi when my dipstick
would blow up a few inches and release the
pressure (Note that it didn't go into any air
traffic control zones, Brandon.)


Ukiah, CA

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