Bomb leakage vs brake servo

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Jul 10 13:39:59 EDT 2003

A follow up to my last question.  I recently replaced my bomb after it
exhibited many of the classic, gone south" symptoms.  I actually like the
firm pedal but the car will be shared by my wife who is not so enamored.
Any way the bomb was replaced, system flushed as P/S was done at same time
and the same symptoms exist.  Someone recommended looking into the check
valve, it turns out this is internal to the bomb, so assumed good.  Next was
the brake servo, the pedestal upon which the brake M/C rests.  The check per
Bentley is to remove the return line from the servo and check for leakage, a
few drops OK, stream, not so much.
Well as the line runs UP from the servo to the pentosin resevoir, that will
all flow out, as it did.  No leakage from the servo though.  Bentley is very
unclear as to where the leakage should come from though I have to assumme
the servo side.
Any BTDT's?  seems like a low failure part, maybe a used one is in order?

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