Bomb leakage vs brake servo

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jul 10 15:48:17 EDT 2003

At 5:10 PM +0000 7/10/03, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>very hard to say.  If the servo were to leak, it would be like a
>full milk carton leaking, an overflow situation and very hard to
>measure the "drops". (the fitting is on top of the servo) If the
>return line is "supposed" to leak, a quick check will tell you it
>will leak until the hose is empty.  Since the hose end attaches to
>the resevoir well above the "full" line it won't leak "continuously".
>I'm a bit stumped.

Here's a sequence you might try:
1. Put a hose clamp (slightly loose) on the return line and run the
engine for at least a few seconds.
2. Stop engine (use low-paid helper) and immediately tighten down on
the hose clamp. If you have very long arms you might not need the
3. Remove hose-end from reservoir nipple (leave other end attached to servo).
4. Hold the free end of hose over a container, and loosen the clamp
to look for any leakage.


>>Well the servo was gonna be my suggestion. However I've never tested a bad
>>one, so don't know what to tell you. How long a time did you observe the
>>output of the servo? And is it possible it's leaking _so_ fast that it's
>>"all over" by the time you test it?
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