Accessing the Turn/Wiper Switch

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Thu Jul 10 22:06:12 EDT 2003

I noticed an odd and scary thing today.  As I turned off the 91 200
Avant, a wisp of smoke came out of where the wiper switch is,  Didn't
last long and nothing was hot to the touch right after, but there would
appear to be some loose wire(s) in there coming in contact with
something they shouldn't.

I would be curious to hear any tips for accessing this switch.  I had
replaced on previously on an 87 5K, but this looks a bit more complex
with the air bag on the steering wheel.

Can anyone let me know if it is possible to remove the cowling around
the switch assembly without pulling the steering wheel? (I'd like to
look around in there before I jump into a replacement.)


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