ACNA Michigan Chapter Picnic + Waterford Hills

Ingo Rautenberg IRautenberg at
Fri Jul 11 00:41:06 EDT 2003

That does sound like it would be fun -- I figure a 7-8 hr drive through
Canada (providing border backups aren't too bad).  Something I'll definitely
consider (though these weekday events do make things tougher).


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> I also understand that Watkins Glen isn't that bad a drive for you
> folks? The NEQ Watkins Glen driver ed events are pretty easy to get
> into, especially the second event- August 25/26th.
> Watkins Glen is a real hoot to drive; big, fast, lots of elevation
> changes(see the maps on if you don't know the layout-
> and yes, the Boot is as much fun as it looks; the Esses are a blast
> too)...and it'd be great to see some of you folks.
> B

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