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Fri Jul 11 03:02:15 EDT 2003

At 8:52 AM -0700 7/10/03, MAXIMUM at WEETAMOO.COM wrote:
>I need a recommendation for a -solid- mechanic in the Boston/South
>Shore area of Massachusetts.
>This isn't for me, but for a business associate.  The gent is sick
>of going to the dealer and
>looking for something more reasonable... but with a good reputation
>and more reasonable pricing.

The Benz Den in Boston is one- don't have a location for you,
sorry...I think Alliston/Cambridge area?  I believe they do all
German makes, I've heard multiple qlist people recommend them for
Audi work.  No personal experience.

Central Service is right on the commuter line(Natick stop is 50 feet
away) and so it may work for your friend.  Owner's name is Dave, he's
seen 200q20v's before- but Audis aren't his main business, nothing
really is; I've seen brand new MB S-class's(there's a dealer 2-3 mi
up the street, says somethin, eh?), Citroens, Saabs, Volvos, older
Porsches in his lot waiting for service. Great guy for general
mechanics, very capable but not a specialist.

European Performance Engineering in Natick- mostly Porsche shop, they
don't like working on much else, even 944's are pushing it.

European Engineering, Framingham I think, maybe Natick- big used car
place, but they do repairs too I believe. Lots of BMWs, large # of
Audis.  No personal experience, wasn't particularly impressed when I
visited them once to look at a 200q20v(was in tough shape, asking
price was high, etc)...don't really recommend them so this is more of
an avoid than a go-to.

Shine Racing Service(Audi/VW, 944's, etc) in Walpole also is near a
commuter line and they'll be happy to pick you up/drop you off there,
as long as you mention it in advance(when you book the appt, say).
I've recommended them at least 3-4 times to listers and club members,
all have been happy with the recommendation.  I've seen
just-out-of-warranty A6 wagons right down to Rabbit GTIs.  Ask for
Eli, we've known each other for a couple years; I've also spoken with
a few of their wrenches and been impressed with their Audi-relevant
knowledge.  If he's got an Audi or VW, Shine is probably the best bet
in both quality of work and location(sounds like.)

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