Accessing the Turn/Wiper Switch

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Jul 11 09:04:25 EDT 2003

At 09:06 PM 07/10/2003 -0600, Steve Sherman wrote:
>I noticed an odd and scary thing today.  As I turned off the 91 200
>Avant, a wisp of smoke came out of where the wiper switch is,  Didn't
>last long and nothing was hot to the touch right after, but there would
>appear to be some loose wire(s) in there coming in contact with
>something they shouldn't.
>I would be curious to hear any tips for accessing this switch.  I had
>replaced on previously on an 87 5K, but this looks a bit more complex
>with the air bag on the steering wheel.

Unlike the 5K, the trim around the steering column switches on the 200 CAN
be separated so that the top comes off without removing the steering
wheel.  There two Phillips screws accessed from underneath that hold the
top half of the cover onto the bottom half.  There also is the 5K-type
slanted screwdriver hole for loosening the band that tightens the switch
bodies in place, but you don't need that if you only want to look.  After
removing the two screws, you can wiggle the top up and out.  But you won't
see/reach much.

The steering wheel removal requires a largish torx screw driver.  You can
disconnect the battery to feel safest about not setting off the
airbag.  With the battery disconnected,  you can unplug the airbag wire
under the top cover of the switches surround.   Supposedly you can just
unplug the wire without disconnecting the battery, but I was uncomfortable
about that information, so I replaced the headlight switch on the V8, which
has the same trim housings, without disconnecting the bag wires.  I just
set the wheel on the dash, with the bag intact, but it was a stretch, and
it was difficult to reinstall the wheel properly with the bag assembly
dangling there.

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