Accessing the Turn/Wiper Switch

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Disconnecting the battery will NOT disable the airbag--the airbag circuit
still has a reserve power supply sufficient to fire the airbag.  The procedure
described below still leaves a "live" explosive (airbag) only a few inches from
where you're working!

Disconnect the airbag circuit at the red connector in the console--remove the
passenger side cover of the center console (one screw) to find this.   This
removes the reserve power/firing ability from the airbag.  NOTE THAT THE AIRBAG
For this reason, remove the airbag (unbolt from steering wheel, disconnect at
top of steering wheel surround) and place the steering wheel somewhere safe...a
good place if you're working in the car is on the roof of the car, bag-side
down -- just make sure there's nothing fragile above the car (i.e. light

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> The steering wheel removal requires a largish torx screw
> driver.  You can disconnect the battery to feel safest about
> not setting off the airbag.  With the battery disconnected,
> you can unplug the airbag wire
> under the top cover of the switches surround.   Supposedly
> you can just
> unplug the wire without disconnecting the battery, but I was
> uncomfortable about that information, so I replaced the
> headlight switch on the V8, which has the same trim housings,
> without disconnecting the bag wires.  I just set the wheel on
> the dash, with the bag intact, but it was a stretch, and it
> was difficult to reinstall the wheel properly with the bag
> assembly dangling there.
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