Cooling System Is Craped(ing on me!)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Jul 14 20:15:54 EDT 2003

Ok, it all started out innoccently enough, but I'm begining to suspect that
when I attached a garden hose to my cooling system and "power flushed" the
system, I took things too far.  The reason I say this is I've had more
cooling problems in the couple of weeks after flushing than I did in the
other 4-years of ownership...infinetly more.  Guessing flushing broke lose
some crud that couldn't get out and is now freely flowing in the system.

So, first I sprung a leak in the main radiator hose.  Was able to fix this
as I talked about by cutting and resecuring, but now I've got another leak,
and I think it's the water pump.

Cleaned all the old coolant residue off the engine, and did not notice the
leak at the same place (via eyeing w/flashlight, or feeling for moisture),
nor on any of the hoses on the drivers side of the engine.  The drip
however, was coming off the bottom of the AC bracket...only thing above
there that can leak that I couldn't see is the water pump.

While I didn't want to do it, I also didn't want to go in for a water pump
at this time, I put some stop leak in the system.  Worked for a day...and
now it's leaking again.

So any suggestions, and unless somebody can explain otherwise, maybe
flushing isn't such a good idea.

This is not the bee's knees.

derek p

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