Cooling System Is Craped(ing on me!)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Jul 14 21:45:37 EDT 2003

>1st Q:  Did you remember to unhook the garden hose before you did the test
Um, yes.

>Q2:  Why did you decide to flush?  And with tap water, no chemicals?

Yes, no chemicals, and yes tap water.  Flushed because as I was rebuilding
the hyd. pump, noticed the turbo coolant hose was begining to go south.
Since I had to open the system to do this, and it was not that much more
work to flush the system...I was there

>As to the WP, you must determine if it is only the O-ring seal to the block
>or if it is the shaft seal.  Take the TB cover off and look.  Or, maybe the
>turbo coolent return hose?

Really hard to tell, as I'm going to have to get in up to the elbows to
diagnose (insert trash talk about design here).  If nothing else, I know
it's none of the hoses, nor the water outlet...and that I'd rather be doing
something else and have a reliable car again.

Also, pump has only 50k on it right now.  Seems premature in my book.  Came
from blau...speculative, but got to blame somebody, and I already blamed

>DFI if IAB!



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