Wheels spacers

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 23:41:12 EDT 2003

In my humble opinion, on a street car, NO, as long as they are
hub centrick wheel spacers or small enough to where the wheel
will remain hubcentric on its own.  IE...the H&R spacers seem to
work very well.  a 6mm spacer is small enough to remain
hubcentric on its own and if used with 6mm longer wheel bolts I
believe to be a safe and viable option that I have run on the
street and track safely for some time.
 I would not recommend this for a car seeing Rally Duty or extra
heavy duty usage. :-)

--- Dave Priebe <dkpriebe at comcast.net> wrote:
> I am looking for some opinions on using wheel spacers. Is
> there any
> downside to only using them for the front wheels? I am looking
> at
> another set of wheels that don't clear my front brakes without
> spacers.
> Thanks,
> Dave Priebe
> Kenmore, WA
> 91 200tqa 169k his
> 95.5 S6 106k hers
> 66 MGB 41k (soon to arrive in WA)
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